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    Open Letter to Abu Marzuk, Deputy Head of Hamas

    Earlier this year, IFLAC sent an open letter to President Mahmoud Abbas, to have Hamas change their Charter. In the open letter below to Hamas deputy leader Abu Marzuk, IFLAC emphasizes the need for mutual recognition of Israel’s and Palestine’s national rights and aspirations.

    The letter is written by IFLAC Founder Dr. Ada Aharoni and Moran Balaish, IFLAC Peace Ambassador for Israel.

    Please help us spread the letter!

    The letter in PDF format

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    ( موسى محمد أبو مرزوق‎ )

    To: Mr. Abu Marzuk
    Deputy Head of Hamas’ Political Bureau, Gaza.

    Dear Leader Abu Marzuk,

    We at “IFLAC: The International Forum for the Literature and Culture of Peace” were glad to read what you wrote: “There’s no doubt that there is a realistic recognition on our part of Israel, which exists in the territory … and we all acknowledge these agreements”.

    The goal by both Hamas and Israel should now be mutual recognition of national aspirations. Hamas should recognize the legitimacy of the State of Israel (as you inferred above), and Israel should abolish the occupation, and recognize the legitimate aspiration of the Palestinian people to a free and viable Palestinian State living in peace by the side of its neighbor Israel.

    To accomplish this goal the following steps are needed on both the Palestinian and Israeli sides:

    1. Mutual Recognition of National Aspirations
    There should be mutual recognition of each other Israel and Palestine. Hamas should stop firing rockets at Israel as it did again last night (23.04.2015). Hamas is the responsible leader in Gaza and it should not allow any rockets to be fired at Israeli villages anymore. If as Hamas declared that its hatred Charter is not relevant anymore, it should publish a Peace Charter that clearly acknowledges the recognition of the legitimate State of Israel, and demanding the end of the occupation and demanding the recognition by Israel of its aspiration to a free Palestinian State.

    Hamas has tried several times to destroy Israel and has failed, as the last time in “Tzuk Eitan” (starting 8th of July, 2014). The poor Palestinian people have not yet rebuilt their houses and what would happen if Hamas resumes its firing of rockets at Israel (like it did last night), Israel would again be forced to defend its people, and again it is the Palestinian people who would suffer most!

    3. Advantages of a Hamas Peace Charter
    The advantages of changing the Hamas attitude of aggression toward Israel to one of objectivity, openness and peace, could pave the way to a Peace Treaty between Israel and Palestine, as the important Peace Treaty it has with Egypt and with Jordan. It is to the advantage of the Palestinian people and especially of Hamas, to adopt a totally new attitude to its neighbor Israel. This could pave the way to everything which the Palestinian people aspire to: a port of its own in Gaza, as well as an airport in a free and peaceful Palestine.

    4. We appeal to you Mr. Abu Marzuk, as a responsible and rational Senior Leader, to convince the Palestinian leaders and people of Gaza to resolve their inner problems as quickly as possible, so that Israel can accept the Hudna (cease fire) which Hamas proposes for 3-5 years. Only if the Hamas Charter is changed to a Peace Charter, can the peace negotiations between Israeli and Palestinian leaders be resumed and lead to a fruitful future for both the Palestinian and the Israeli people.

    We are looking forward to your response to our plea, and hope that it will be positive. Recently we sent an Open Peace Letter too, to the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, and we hope that we will soon receive a positive response from him too.

    Prof. Ada Aharoni
    IFLAC World President

    Moran Balaish
    IFLAC Peace Ambassador for Israel

    One Comment on “Open Letter to Abu Marzuk, Deputy Head of Hamas”

    1. adaaharoni06 says:

      Dear Solveig,

      Thank you very much for posting the “Open Letter to Abu Marzuk, Deputy Head of Hamas,” on the IFLAC Blog. Let us hope it will promote a peace reaction and will bring both sides – the Palestinian and the Israeli back to the Peace Negotiation Table, this time with concrete fruitful and results.

      Ada Aharoni


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