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    IFLAC is a voluntary Association that strives for peace by building bridges of understanding and peace through culture, literature and communication. IFLAC is founded and directed by Egyptian-born Israeli writer Ada Aharoni (Ph.D), since 1999.

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    Poems by Ada Aharoni: Peace Poems | Women Poems

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    As an NGO, IFLAC is run by volunteers who donate their time and resources and pay any expenses out of their own pockets. Now we ask for your kind support.

    IFLAC has nine branches in Israel as well as international branches in Latin America, Hungary, Romania, Spain, Japan, and Canada. The most active branches are the ones in Israel and Latin America. IFLAC Latin American is by far the most extensive of the IFLAC branches. See the links under IFLAC International in the right column.

    Our work is done in the field and through the Internet. Some of our current activities include holding literary and cultural meetings and lectures, hosting peace poetry contests for children, and promoting peace education in schools. Larger projects on our wish list are Peace Festivals and an annual IFLAC Peace Conference. We also want to expand our broadcasts at Radio IFLAC and create informational and educational videos.

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    There are many ways you can support us and help spread the word about us:

    • Buy books (see list below).
    • Donate your time by becoming a guest blogger for the IFLAC Blog, or give us your permission to publish your articles on peace education, peace research etc. Peace articles, blog posts, peace poems, and tips on books can be submitted to for consideration.
    • Help us create professional YouTube videos on our work.
    • Subscribe to the daily IFLAC Digest news and discussion list on Peace Culture.
    • Write a message of peace in our guestbook.
    • Follow our Facebook sites – IFLAC World and IFLAC Kids.
    • Subscribe to the IFLAC Blog (see Email Subscription in the right column), and click the buttons under a blog post to like it, reblog it or spread it through the social media.
    • Add an IFLAC logo to your site.

    Buy books

    Below is a selection of books by IFLAC Founder and President Ada Aharoni. See more in the book list or at Amazon.

    Rare Flower

    Five decades of Life, Love and Peace Poems

    Rare Flower: Life, Love and Peace Poems – Ada Aharoni’s latest poetry collection, spanning five decades.

    Not in Vain: An Extraordinary Life – the story of the Jewish Hospital in Alexandria and its Head Nurse, Thea Wolf, who saved hundreds of Jews from the Nazi Holocaust together with the help of Egyptian officials.

    From the Nile to the Jordan – about the uprooting of the Jewish communities in Egypt, as seen through the eyes of a young couple in love. Also available as an e-book at Kindle Store.

    Peace Flower – two children travel into the future to find the Peace Flower and bring it to Earth to end war forever. Available in English, Arabic and Hebrew.


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