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    IFLAC is a voluntary Association that strives for peace by building bridges of understanding and peace through culture, literature and communication. IFLAC is founded and directed by Egyptian-born Israeli writer Ada Aharoni (Ph.D), since 1999.

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    Radio IFLAC

    “I hope that the goals of IFLAC will spread even more through our IFLAC Internet radio,” says Motti Gerner, Founder and Director of Radio IFLAC.

    Besides interviews with authors and poets of peace poetry and peace novels, we plan to have poetry readings in English, French, Hebrew, Spanish and Arabic.

    If you would like to contribute to Radio IFLAC with your peace poems or otherwise, please contact Motti Gerner.

    Listen to Radio IFLAC:

    (September 21, 2015) To celebrate the International Day of Peace 2015, Ada Aharoni read peace poems from her poetry collection Rare Flower on IFLAC Radio and talked with radio host Motti Gerner about peace and her work.

    World Peace Day on IFLAC Radio

    World Peace Day 2015 on IFLAC Radio.
    From the left: Ada Aharoni, Motti Gerner, Sara Kernberg

    (March 22, 2015) In this video interview with IFLAC Radio’s Motti Gerner, Ada Aharoni talks about her two recent books in Hebrew, the poetry collection Harimon (The Pomegranate) and Not in Vain, the story of Thea Wolf, the head nurse at the Jewish Hospital in Alexandria who during the Second World War helped save European Jews. She also talks about the outcome of the Israeli elections and about the open letter IFLAC wrote to Palestinian President Abbas, appealing to him to have Hamas change their Charter. The next open letter from IFLAC will be to the leader of the Israeli Arabs, who according to Aharoni can serve as a bridge between Israel and the Palestinians.

    Audio version:

    Video version (opens in a new window)

    (April 17, 2014) Motti Gerner interviews Prof. Ada Aharoni, Dr. Sara Zamir (lecturer at Ben-Gurion University) and singer and composer Shoshya Beeri-Dotan on the newly released book The Golden Age of the Jews from Egypt, edited by Aharoni. Shoshya Beeri-Dotan is the singer of many of Aharoni’s poems put to music and released on the CD Rare Flower.

    Radio IFLAC interview

    From the left: Sara Zamir, Shoshya Beeri-Dotan, Ada Aharoni

    (April 30, 2013) March of Aida by Verdi, sung by Tenor Guy Crequie at the IFLAC Workshop in Netanya on the occasion of Ada Aharoni’s reception of the President Shimon Peres Award.

    (January 11, 2013) Destiny, sung by Guy Crequie, “Poet, Writer and Ordinary Philosopher.” Music: Gil Conti. Dedicated to IFLAC.

    (November 11, 2012) War is not the answer. Ada Aharoni on the current situation in the South of Israel and Gaza.



    Ada says, “I have been asked for my response to the trouble in the South of Israel and in Gaza, and here it is on IFLAC Radio. I would be glad to hear your opinion and response. Let us hope that by then Hamas will stop bombing Israel and Israel would stop defending itself by retaliations, and we will have  Peace Treaty between Israel and the Palestinians.”

    Susana Roberts

    (May 23, 2012) Talk by Susana Roberts (in English), Vice Director of IFLAC Latin America. Susana has dedicated her life to spreading the message of peace culture all over South America and in the world. Susana is a great poet who has received many prizes for her lyrical poetry of peace. She tells us about her creative work and her many activities to spread the IFLAC message in meetings, conferences and congresses.

    (May 13, 2012) Constructores de Paz (Builders of Peace), beautiful Peace Song written by Héctor José Corredor Cuervo, Colombian Poet and retired Colonel, and IFLAC Delegate in Bogotá. The song is put to music and sung by Henry Angarita, also from Colombia. Read the lyrics in Spanish and English.

    Yosef Gotlieb

    (May 5, 2012) A talk with Dr. Yosef Gottlieb (Hebrew and English), author of RISE, a novel of contemporary Israel. The novel is set in today’s Israel and is the story of a citizen’s movement of Jews and Arabs striving for change.
    Yosef Gotlieb’s Homepage

    (March 18, 2012) Interview with Ada Aharoni, the Founding President of IFLAC. She talks about the various IFLAC projects, like the children’s Peace Train, children’s Peace Poetry Contest, peace poetry readings, storytelling and her research on the uprooting of Jews from Arab countries.




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