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    IFLAC is a voluntary Association that strives for peace by building bridges of understanding and peace through culture, literature and communication. IFLAC is founded and directed by Egyptian-born Israeli writer Ada Aharoni (Ph.D), since 1999.

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    Ada Aharoni Nominated to the Nobel Peace Prize for 2013

    Text: Solveig Hansen

    Ada wishes to thank the IFLAC Peace Ambassadors and members for supporting the nomination of her and IFLAC to the Nobel Prize for Peace.

    In the letter of nomination to the Norwegian Nobel Committee, the nominator writes about Ada:

    Ada Aharoni

    Prof. Ada Aharoni

    “Believing in the power of the word, she is confident that literature and culture can help to heal the urgent ailments of Israel, Palestine, and our global village, such as war, terror and conflict. The themes of Peace, love, reconciliation and coexistence, as well as equality of women, are major ones throughout her various works. She has also extensively researched and written books on the Jews of Egypt in the 20th Century, and their forced exile from Egypt (1948 – 1967).”

    The letter goes on outlining some of Ada’s major works:


    The Second Exodus, a historical novel that describes in literary form the forced exile of the Jews from Egypt in the twentieth century, which Ada and her family were part of.

    From The Nile to The Jordan also deals with the uprooting of the Jewish communities in Egypt, as seen through the eyes of a young couple in love. This historical novel was awarded the “Haifa and Bremen Award” and the “Merit Prize” in New York.

    Peace Flower is a moving quest for hope and world peace, for young and old, about two children who travel into the future to find the Peace Flower and bring it safely to Earth.

    Not In Vain: An Extraordinary Life relates the story of the Jewish Hospital in Alexandria, and the heroic deeds of its Head Nurse, Thea Wolf, who saved hundreds of Jews from the Nazi Holocaust, through the Hospital, together with the help of Egyptian officials.

    Thea Wolf

    Thea Levinsohn-Wolf (1907-2005)


    The important and timely Women Creating A World Beyond War and Violence contains both powerful prose and poetry.

    The two poetry collections You and I Can Change The World and The Pomegranate hail the new millennium as one in which, according to Ada: “A world beyond war can indeed be created, if humankind begin to listen to peace writers and poets for a change.”

    Ada’s latest book, Rare Flower, which has received wide acclaim, contains beautiful and powerful Life, Love and Peace poems.


    See the full list of books and some poetry.

    Ada is now completing her research and book on “My Own Exodus”. She also tells this story in her video on YouTube: The Second Exodus: A New Way to Peace Between Israelis and Palestinians:


    Ada has organized and chaired eight IFLAC conferences. Since the founding congress, “The International Congress on Conflict Resolution through Culture and Literature”, in the Galilee in 1999, congresses have been organized in Sydney, London, Bursa (Turkey), Los Angeles, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and the latest in Netanya (Israel) in 2012. The conferences brought together peace researchers, writers, poets, media, educationalists and diplomats from twenty five countries, many from conflicted areas, like Israel and Palestine, India and Pakistan, Turkey and Greece – for the building of cultural bridges of understanding and respect and the paving of peace between people and nations.

    To learn more about Prof. Ada Aharoni and her work, please visit her homepage.

    See also:

    Forced Migration of Jews from Arab Countries and Peace (PDF)

    Peace and Harmony between Israelis and Palestinians based on Mutual Recognition of National Aspirations

    Bringing Hearts Together in the Ahmedim Mosque in Kababir – as the first woman, Ada was invited to speak in the Ahmedim Mosque in Haifa

    Ada receives President Shimon Peres Award 2012, for promoting peace initiatives between Jews and Arabs


    Ada receives the Israeli President’s Award for Volunteerism

    Ada Aharoni receives the Israeli President’s Award for Volunteerism