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    IFLAC is a voluntary Association that strives for peace by building bridges of understanding and peace through culture, literature and communication. IFLAC is founded and directed by Egyptian-born Israeli writer Ada Aharoni (Ph.D), since 1999.

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    Prof Ada Aharoni IFLAC Founder and World President


    It is with great pleasure that I welcome the IFLAC Anti-War and Peace Anthology 2016,

    Edited by the “Knight of Peace “IFLAC Peace Ambassador in Colombia”, Joseph Berolo. This Anthology is for all the Spanish and Portuguese speaking citizens of the world, including Latin America, Spain, Portugal, etc.

    Since its creation in 1999, “IFLAC: The International Forum for the Literature and Culture of Peace,” has issued more than 4000 IFLAC PEACE  Digests on the Internet, it has organized many projects and International Congresses for Peace, and it has published several Anthologies and books for the promotion of local and world Peace. Despite all our intensive peace work and that of all our IFLAC Branches in the world, including the active branch in Latin America, founded, and developed by Director Maria Cristina Azcona, with the help of Susana Roberts and Prof. Ernesto Kahan, what we unfortunately see in the first sixteen years of the twenty first century, is not a more peaceful and safer world, but a cancerous spread of a brand of fanatical lethal terrorism and war that endangers our world and our freedom.

    We at Iflac, have therefore decided to dedicate our 2016 IFLAC Anthology this time, not only to Peace, but mostly to ANTI – WAR and ANTI – TERROR, to counteract and help efface this new cancer obnoxiously spreading all over our world – with the bombardment of our powerful words, articles, stories, poems, Haiku, and paintings – aimed at their heart.

    Where does this fatal violence and terrorism spring from? Mystical and fanatical religiously -oriented organizations are the most dangerous of all. They typically attempt to inflict as many human casualties and deaths as possible. They cowardly attack buses full of innocent children and women, attacks in restaurants and theatres like the “Bataclan” in Paris, and in the underground in Belgium, massacring, beheading, raping and wounding thousands of innocent people all over our sad blue planet. How did we let this happen? Why is this happening?

    This is mainly happening because of the mystical and apocalyptic frame of reference those horrendous and Fanatical Terrorist Organizations use. The loss of life is irrelevant to them.  When struggling against a fanatical ideology that is based on words, only words can overcome it.

    And all this is happening in the twenty- first century which we hoped would be more enlightened, wiser and safer! How come the cultural and humane world is silent? Where are the intellectuals, journalists and NGO’s – the Non-Government Organizations that should bomb war mongers and terrorism with their words and their pens and throw them out of our lives and of our planet forever? Bombing them with planes from the skies is not enough; we have to go to the source of their sinning souls and bomb them, condemn them and shame them, with all the power of our pens, our computers, our smartphones and our creative works, and our Anthologies like this one!

    Backlash and reprisals does not concern these fanatical groups and organizations, as it is often one of their main goals to provoke overreaction by their enemies, to widen the spreading of FEAR, all over the world and in all sections of the population.

    It seems they have indeed succeeded so far to inflict their weapon of “Fear,” on several sections of our global society, even on Non-Governmental Peace Organizations, Peace Journals, media, writers and poets, that are strangely silent and do not have the courage to attack those dreadful violent groups and organizations that steal our freedom and endanger our lives.

    In our unique and innovative IFLAC ANTI-WAR AND PEACE ANTHOLOGY IN SPANISH, and in the English original version, it is obvious that the brave contributors: thinkers, writers and poets that have answered our Call for submissions, Do Not Fear.  They have enthusiastically responded to our Anti – War and Terrorism appeal for materials, and they open-heartedly offer us their rich multicultural experiences, their tears and especially their hopes. They have courageously taken up their pens to share their authentic moving poems and stories, and to cry out against the spreading of violence. We have the right to defend ourselves they claim, in poignant articles, poems, stories, haiku and drawings, with the deep belief that the “Pen Is Mightier than the Sword.

    In this Anthology in Spanish, Iflac calls on ALL the War Mongers and all the Terrorist Organizations in the world, to throw away their hatred, their ruthless violence and their murderous weapons, and seek the road of peaceful citizens and creative well-being. One of the notorious terrorist organizations in Colombia has done exactly that, and it has now promised to  become a peaceful and respected political party. We also call on all the conscientious thinkers, writers, poets, artists, musicians and NGO’s, in our global planet to courageously take up their pens and their artistic instruments, and join our IFLAC symphony of Peace and Hope, and our gigantic efforts to eliminate war, violence and terrorism from our planet, with our creative minds and energies and with our firm belief that it is indeed possible.

    We agree with Motti Gerner, the Founder and Director of the IFLAC RADIO on the Internet, who assures us in his article: “Technology and Terror”, that the new revolution of modern technology will overpower Terror: “In the form of multi-channel television, satellite TV broadcasts, the advent of the Internet, smartphones and social networking. Each of these is a huge revolution with a great social potential….”

     With our powerful words and creations in this beautiful Anthology in Spanish and Portuguese, using the new potential sources of communication, we shall indeed win and we will soon enjoy a free world entirely freed from the plagues of War, Terror and violence.

    I warmly thank all our contributors who have generously sent their precious, authentic writings in Spanish and Portuguese, to this crucial and unique FLAC Anti- War and Peace Anthology. I greatly thank Editor Joseph Berolo, who has so efficiently helped to spread the word about our first historic IFLAC Anthology in Spanish and Portuguese. I also greatly thank Maria Cristina Azcona, Founder and Director of IFLAC LATIN AMERICA, who worked endlessly with superb dedication and the zeal of a true Dove of Peace, to create an effective and powerful IFLAC Latin America branch, together with Vice Director Susana Roberts, and IFLAC World Vice Director, Prof. Ernesto Kahan.  Below are some of the major events, those three wonderful leaders of Peace, have organized and accomplished throughout the years:

    1 Professor Enesto Kahan, Maria Azcona, Director of Iflac Latin America (holding the IFLAC Logo), and Susana Roberts, Vice Director Iflac Argentina and Latin America.


    I would like to conclude this wonderful achievements for the spreading of the IFLAC Culture of Peace all over Latin America, by Maria Azcona’s active team, for twelve years, with the extraordinary achievement by Susana Roberts:

    The bestowing of the title of PEACE EMBASSY on IFLAC – EMBAJADA OF PEACE by UNESCO and the  Senate of Argentina! WELL DONE SUSANA, WE ARE ALL PROUD OF YOU, AS WELL AS OF MARIA AZCONA AND PROF. ERNESTO KAHAN, our brave IFLAC leaders in Latin America.  The impressive IFLAC AWARD:


    Every best wish for the IFLAC ANTI –WAR ANTHOLOGY in Spanish and Portuguese, may it spread its wings of Peace all over the Spanish and Portuguese speaking people in the world, and help usher a better and safer world beyond war, terror and violence, a world in our own times in which our children will be proud to joyfully live and flourish as seeds of peace.

    Professor Ada Aharoni

    Iflac Founding President

    Chief Editor of the IFLAC Anthology


    1. adaaharoni06 says:

      It is very refreshing to hear that our brothers and sisters at IFLAC in Latin America are taking an active role in our efforts to overcome world terror and have published the IFLAC Anti-Terror and Peace Anthology 2016.
      For the English edition of the anthology, please look up on kindel. IFLAC ANTI-TERROR AND PEACE ANTHOLOGY, edited by Ada Aharoni

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Anonymous says:

      We receive with love, care and respect Ada Aharoni text that begins the anthology IFLAC 2016.

      She warns us of the need to intervene in the violence exercised by the fanaticism of closed ideologies that do not value life or that of others, and fear that produce in the world.

      It calls us to respond – not only with words and tears -but urges us to do so with poems, stories, articles, stories, relying on the strength of creative minds, supported by higher values.

      I join as a delegate in Pehuajó, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina in this publication


      MARITA RAGOZZA DE MANDRINI-Honorary Delegate of the International Forum for Literature and Culture by the Paz Pehuajó- Province of Buenos Aires. Argentina




    4. Dan Luiton says:

      Its true that this terrorist organization are spreading fear but we should not submit to that fear. We should use the pen to write poems, stories to fight against the spreading violence. Great idea to write in other languages those powerful words and creations so more people can be reach.


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