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    IFLAC is a voluntary Association that strives for peace by building bridges of understanding and peace through culture, literature and communication. IFLAC is founded and directed by Egyptian-born Israeli writer Ada Aharoni (Ph.D), since 1999.

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    The real profound difference between human beings is their Culture, and not their territory. The Cultural Heritage: Language, Values, Norms, Traditions, Religion, Literature, Poetry, and their special Histories, are the real deep differences and barriers between nations and people.

    In the case of people in long conflicts – like the Israelis and Palestinians – feelings of fear, mistrust and lack of understanding have been piling up in their hearts and minds over the years, on both sides. Only suitable vehicles that can reach and profoundly penetrate those layers of mistrust, suspicion and fear, can overcome those separating boundaries, and build bridges of trust and respect for each other’s culture and each other’s humanity. The best vehicle for this delicate operation is the magic and healing of the Poem, with its words of comprehension, feelings, care and tenderness.

    The “Diplomatic Poem,” has the marvelous ability to delve deeply into one’s consciousness and to create bridges of trust, understanding, respect and even love, between people, ethnic groups and nations.

    “Diplomatic Peace Poetry”, as I call this kind of healing poetry, can impart the important and crucial basic message and consciousness that we all belong to one family, the family of humankind, and that war, violence and terror only lead to chaos, destruction, sorrow and deep pain and horrible misery on all sides.

    In every conflict there are two stories. The Poem of Peace, has the wonderful ability to understand both sides, and to present both sides in all its reality, pain, hope and yearning for peace. It can thus lead to mutual recognition and reconciliation, and to the creative building of confidence, trust and love, that are so needed for the building of a better world beyond war, terror and violence. The following poem: The SULHA RECONCILIATION POMEGRANATE POEM IS AN EXAMPLE of a “DIPLOMATIC PEACE POEM.”

    Prof. Ada Aharoni

    A selection of Diplomatic  Peace Poems by Ada Aharoni


    The Sulha Reconciliation Pomegranate Poem



    Why doesn’t Israel explain this more

    that you, my brother,

    and a million Jews of Arab Lands,

    like you,

    had to spread their wings wide

    like us the Palestinians,

    and flee too?



    Why do you want Israel

    To explain this more?

    What is it to you, brother?

    Come on, let’s end our strife

    And open  wide

    The Sulha pomegranate!



    Your life story is

    For me the saving face of Sulha*

    The uncovering of the black veil

    On her truthful face.

    It shows we’re not the only underdogs,

    As tragedy, like in all wars,

    Is on both sides!



    If two tragedies

    Cancel one another,

    We can now open the

    The Sulha Pomegranate

    My brother



    Wait, wait, don’t open yet!

    Our two uprooting tragedies

    Do not cancel one another

    But it makes it easier to pave

    The Sulha path, you see,

    Knowing you have already paid

    For the Sulha

    When it all, all began…


    Now I can identify with you

    My brother in pain

    And you can identify with me –

    We are mutual victims

    Of this long conflict.


    Now at last, let’s open together

    The Reconciliation Pomegranate.


    *Sulha:  Reconciliation, in Arabic.



    Setting Things Right


    Set the morning

    to wake you up

    when the blackbirds chime

    and the sun smiles


    Set your head

    to forget bad dreams

    to delete yesterday’s pain

    to rub the slate of the world’s aches



    Set the world

    into a state of reversal

    erase all the people

    begin again

    with the Garden of Eden


    Let it stay that way

    with the pear trees

    the serpent, the birds

    and chimpanzees


    Forget Adam and Eve

    and all the ensuing evil

    no Cain, no Abel


    Go out

    lock the gate

    leave Paradise

    to its peace


    © 12.2015 Helen Bar-Lev





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