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    How many more generations?

    Text: Solveig Hansen

    The two poems below are each in their way about children caught in the middle of a prolonged conflict where the violence is carried on and the fiery rhetoric has become like a mantra frozen in time. The pictures coming out of Israel these days speak for themselves.

    Marjorie Rosenfeld’s Nekama (Revenge) is for the three Israeli boys who were kidnapped and killed in 2014, and the Palestinian boy kidnapped and killed in return. Fred Jeremy Seligson’s Dear Neighbor was written during the Israeli-Gaza conflict in 2014 and is a plea from one neighbor to another to teach their children to love, not hate.



    By Marjorie Stamm Rosenfeld, 2014

    For Mohamed Abu Khdeir, Eyal Yifrah, Gilad Shaar,
    and Naftali Fraenkel

    Nothing breathes. Air so still here even
    leaves on trees won’t stir from slumber. Far off
    a spark has set a conflagration going. A boy, burned
    in retribution. Three boys guilty of this crime,
    while men have killed the boys who could have told
    the killer boys that vengeance was not theirs.

    I see children struggling on a forest floor.
    The trees, aghast, drop leaves. Limbs fall. And boys
    (no game) play pickup sticks, each stick a cane
    with which to beat an able brother. No blood
    can quench this fire. How will it end? And where
    were you, Lord, distant in this distant land?


    By Fred Jeremy Seligson, July 2014

    After 1,000’s
    Of years
    Children hate,
    For the Sake
    Of Love
    And Peace
    Which are
    The Ground
    Of our Religions
    Our One G-d
    I will Promise
    To teach my
    Newborn to
    Love your
    People as
    If my own
    Then you could
    Promise to
    Teach your
    Newborn to
    Love my
    People as
    If your own
    So they might
    Play together
    For the sake
    Of Joy
    And Humanity
    And not
    For those
    Who choose
    G-d’s words
    For their own


    2 Comments on “How many more generations?”

    1. Recommended site:

      Parents Circle – Families Forum (PCFF)

      “It won’t stop until we talk,” PCFF writes on their website. PCFF is a joint Palestinian-Israeli grassroots organization of 600+ bereaved Palestinians and Israelis. They promote reconciliation as an alternative to hatred and revenge. Among their activities is a dialogue group that brings together young Israelis and Palestinians.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. adaaharoni06 says:

      Talking and reconciliation is the way, not knifing and stoning by young Palestinians that cause retaliations by Israel. The dangerous situation today can lead to another war in which Gaza will be destroyed again! Both sides have suffered enough. GIVE PEACE A CHANCE, it is in the interest of both Palestinians and Israelis. Ada Aharoni

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