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    The Need for a Conscious Evolution

    Text: Solveig Hansen

    Reverence of life. Spiritually and consciously evolved leaders. Bring a spiritual and moral aspect into human consciousness. These are all elements of a Spiritual Culture, as promoted by the World Forum of Spiritual Culture (WFSC), currently preparing their 2nd World Forum. IFLAC is also represented.

    Headquartered in Astana, the Kazakh capital, WFSC held its first Congress on Spiritual Culture in 1992. Since then, October 18 has been celebrated as the Spiritual Harmony Day in Kazakhstan. WFSC writes:

    “Mankind is to understand that we cannot proceed in such a way, that ununited nations in their uncontrolled pursuit to confirm and defend their profit, their selfish, unharmonizable with the Common Good interests, will inevitably devote the world to destruction.”

    In 2010, the 1st World Forum for Spiritual Culture was arranged on “Spiritual Culture – the Key to the Transformation of the World,” bringing together religious scholars and scientists, politicians and artists from more than 70 countries. The participants prepared a joint declaration in which they stated:

    “We direct the world’s attention to the vital necessity of overcoming the current spiritual and moral crisis by bringing a spiritual and moral renaissance into human consciousness. We believe that such an awakening of humanity can save the world from destruction.”

    In preparation for the 2nd World Forum for Spiritual Culture in 2015, the Organizing Committee met this October to plan the Forum. IFLAC was – again – represented by Ernesto Kahan, IFLAC International Vice President, and Susana Roberts, Vice Director for IFLAC Latin America.


    Susana Roberts and Ernesto Kahan in Astana

    Ernesto Kahan (left) and Susana Roberts with Tolegen Mukhamedzhanov, Co-Chair of the World Forum of Spiritual Culture

    In her contribution, Dr. Roberts focused on the need for the urgent change in the culture of people and nations, and on the role of women as pillars in a regional, national and universal culture.

    Dr. Kahan said we are currently at a “transcendental crossroads:” Effective use of natural resources vs. endangering the continuity of life on the planet. New technology vs. weapons of mass destructions. “On one hand, the fall of the absolutist states has provided people of different countries with the opportunity to dissent, but on the other, the new techniques of propaganda via communication are transforming them into manipulated ‘flocks of sheep’.”

    Read Kahan’s presentation.

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