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    To stay calm and keep working for peace

    Text: Solveig Hansen

    The ongoing conflict between Israel and Gaza tend to polarize people around the world – you only have to take a look at the commentary fields in newspapers or social media to see the divide. Let us hope the cease-fire will hold this time.

    IFLAC Yahoo Group Administrator Hany Eldeib reminded the group members about the importance of remaining cool and balanced. He wrote the piece below. If you want to subscribe to the group and receive the daily Digest, please send an email to:

    Dear IFLAC group members:

    I rarely try to recommend solutions to Israel or the Palestinians since I live in the comfortable American suburbia and neither the dumb rockets of Hamas nor the smart bombs of Israel are falling on my head. But I think the current situation is causing a crisis in the hearts and minds of peace advocates in general, and IFLAC members in particular and so I would like to express my opinion and advice.

    1) Most of us probably agree that Hamas is a criminal organization and not a legitimate resistance organization. They are of the same stock as ISIL or Daesh who are slaughtering Christians and other minorities in Iraq. Imagine what they would do if they could to the Jewish people of Israel. Also keep in mind what Hamas is doing to its own people and how it uses them as human shields and sacrifices them for its evil propaganda campaign.

    2) Israel on the other hand has maintained its traditional deterrence doctrine, which proved not to work with Hamas again and again, which can be summarized as follows: “if you hit Israel we will hit you back so much harder that you will think twice about hitting us again. We will also hit the people that support you until they stop supporting you and get angry at you for putting them in harms way”. Israel has been consistent in applying this policy to the point where Hamas knew exactly how Israel will respond and played it to launch its evil propaganda war.

    3) So, on one hand we have an evil organization that does not mind sacrificing its own women and children. On the other hand we have a government trying to defend its people with a rigid deterrence doctrine that does not work.

    4) Israel needs to understand that there is no way it will win this propaganda campaign against Hamas when people see pictures of dead babies which is exactly what Hamas wants.

    5) Thus, Israel needs to come up with a smarter way to deal with the people of Gaza other than the military approach. From my safe and comfortable home in suburbian America I can not give advice to Israel but I think if Israel is better to the Palestinian Arabs than Hamas is then it will go a long way towards solving the problem.

    6) We peace lovers and advocates need to show sympathy for Arab as well as Israeli people and give both advice to end the violence, but we need to remain cool and understand that emotions are high and we do not live in either Gaza or Israel where people are endangered.

    7) So in the end, stay calm and keep working for peace !!!

    Hany Eldeib


    2 Comments on “To stay calm and keep working for peace”



    2. adaaharoni06 says:

      Dear Hany,
      Thank you very much for your wise and deep article above. You are right, we should be calm and work doubly for peace in these hard times of conflict and war. Let us hope that tonight at midnight, both the Hamas and Israel will accept to prolong the Cease Fire.
      Ada Aharoni


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