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    If two people race at the same speed, they will both win

    At the end of a difficult week, may the Peace Train Children’s words soften your heart and bring you new hope.

    Text: Solveig Hansen

    The submissions for the IFLAC Children’s Peace Train Poetry Festival 2014 have ended. The theme of the Festival was “Peace in My Own Life,” and young people from 11 countries generously shared their thoughts in words and artwork with us – all to be published in A Child for Peace e-book later this year.

    Although the submissions have ended for now, the IFLAC Children’s Peace Train website will remain open for anyone who wants to share a peace poem or peace story with us. Hopefully next year, we will organize a new Festival.

    Going through the poems and preparing the e-book, I find myself humming the lines of Owen Taylor Smith (age 8, US):

    Liberty, liberty,
    Statue of Liberty:
    We hope your torch
    is feeling fine.

    Yael Peleg (age 9, Israel), who was the first one to enter his poem, wrote:

    Big peace, small peace,
    Good peace, Strong peace,
    Peace is amazing
    Peach is good
    World peace is perfect!!!

    The last ones to send their poems and drawings were the Wallace siblings from Australia: twins Isabella and Aaron (9) and their little sister Molly (5). “Why is peace forgotten sometimes?” Isabella asks in her poem. “Why is there war?”

    When there is war, peace is trapped in a jar.
    It only gets let out once fighting has stopped.
    When peace is let out,
    War then becomes trapped in the jar.

    Isabella Wallace Peace Train drawing

    War trapped in a jar. Do not open!

    Aaron, in his poem, listens to news about war far away: “Children dying in the Middle East, in Israel and Syria.”

    I think how can that be true?
    Why don’t people get along very well?
    Why do children have to be hurt?

    That’s a hard one.
    Isn’t it?
    It seems things are going way too far,
    Families having to evacuate homes with children on their backs.

    The final and hopeful words are from Molly:


    One day, two people met on a savannah.
    They both said they could win a race.

    They went the same speed,
    They didn’t want to.
    And they didn’t know it,
    But they both won.

    They were then friends.



    4 Comments on “If two people race at the same speed, they will both win”

    1. adaaharoni06 says:

      This post on Peace Poems written by children for IFLAC 2014 “Peace Train Poetry Festival 2014” is so beautiful and moving! Thank you Solveig, Iflac’s web director for posting it so effectively.
      How wise children are! I hope the leaders who wage wars will listen to the PEACE poems and words by children and quickly “put war into a hermetic JUG” forever, which “will release PEACE from it” and it will cover our whole global village!

      Ada Aharoni
      IFLAC Founding President


    2. Celine Leduc says:

      the poems inspire and hopefully they will bring peace. this is my heartfelt wish. Sharing the site with my FB friends


    3. Tatomir says:

      Very nice poems and artwork from the children, representatives of the new generation with a strong and beautiful vision of Peace and the need for it. Congratulations.


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