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    IFLAC is a voluntary Association that strives for peace by building bridges of understanding and peace through culture, literature and communication. IFLAC is founded and directed by Egyptian-born Israeli writer Ada Aharoni (Ph.D), since 1999.

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    Results of IFLAC Peace Poetry and Story Contest 2013 for Children

    Text: Solveig Hansen

    For this contest, we asked children to send us their stories about peace and/or love. The happy winners are: Hasan Dokhan, Amal Dahamshie and Hadar Topaz, all from Israel. Well done!

    The IFLAC interns at the time, Ariana Caraffa and Phillip A. Maciaszek, who hosted the contest, were impressed. “I was taken aback by how much love, maturity, and acceptance is present in these young children,” Ariana said. “This simply proves further the necessity of promoting a peace culture amongst youth, in the hope that this translates to a future and sustainable peace.” Phillip agreed, “It is truly rewarding and fascinating reading through the childrens’ stories and learn what peace means to them.”


    By Hasan Dokhan, Israel

    Amer is a naïve smiling man, all the people love him.
    One day he goes with his neighbors to the market
    In the big city to enjoy himself.
    He stops in the center of the road,
    He sees a battalion of soldiers that are carrying
    Guns and sharp tools.
    He wonders and asks who are these men
    And where are they going?
    A man answers – they are our soldiers
    They are going to the war.

    He wonders more
    And asks what are they doing in the war?
    The man answers: they burn and kill and steal.
    Amer shakes his head and the tears flow from his eyes.
    He asks: why are they fighting?
    The man answers – to reach peace.
    Amer thinks and then he says: to reach peace
    They are killing innocent children and destroying homes
    And burning fields! It is strange!
    Amer becomes an angry man
    He does not laugh or smile anymore.

    Dear peace, come and paint
    On people’s faces a great smile again.


    By Amal Dahamshie, Israel

    Love thoughts bring passion
    For those who understand
    Love is the origin of life –
    Life is not beautiful but love illuminates it
    Not everyone says: I love love ليس كل شخص قال أٌحَب أَحَبْ
    Treason destroys, but love builds.
    Love does not paint on paper
    But draws in love’s heart.

    Do not hate because hate is ugly
    Love people because love is gorgeous,
    Share love with people
    In order to be a good person,
    Mark your flowing life with loved ones…
    Make your life full of tenderness
    Send your peace to everyone,
    Make the two of you love life.

    Love does not want to lose you
    It does not bother you and does not neglect you
    This so-called love.
    Love gives opportunities to become the best and finest
    Love is the language of the eyes of lovers.
    Love is a Sultan above the rule
    And its capital is the heart.
    Love is the oldest of all ages and أعرقها
    If we did not have love we wouldn’t be alive!
    Love is wisdom, it lives in each residence,
    It does not have any material interest.
    We send our love in love letters
    The most beautiful letters are LOVE.


    By Hadar Topaz, Israel

    For me peace is
    No violence
    No hitting
    No killers in the area
    Quiet on all coasts
    No houses damaged
    No children killed by bombs
    Like in Syria –
    No danger to anybody
    And love and understanding
    Will embrace all children in
    The whole world.


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