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    IFLAC is a voluntary Association that strives for peace by building bridges of understanding and peace through culture, literature and communication. IFLAC is founded and directed by Egyptian-born Israeli writer Ada Aharoni (Ph.D), since 1999.

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    IFLAC Vision: A Global Shalom-Salam TV and Internet Channel

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    By Dr. Ada Aharoni, Founder of the WSPC — IFLAC The International Forum for the Literature and Culture of Peace

    We are now in the greatest global cultural crisis in human history, that between radical Islam and the West. It is imperative that the whole human family mobilizes for a cultural, ethical and moral action that can help to alleviate and solve this dangerous crisis. This can be achieved by the foundation of a powerful World Television by Satellite: The SHALOM — SALAM WSPC: The World Satellite and Internet Channel for Peace Culture. It can function at the beginning in three languages: English, Hebrew and Arabic, over Israel and the Palestinian Authority and over the whole of the Middle East, and it should be globally available.

    In our past wars we forgot our common humanity and joined in efforts to kill our enemies. Killing will not stop killing, and it may unfortunately lead to a nuclear war that would destroy humanity and cause a disastrous total nuclear winter to our planet. To preempt and prevent this horrific tragedy, we must join in an all-out effort to eliminate the causes of conflict, war and terror.

    All people, institutions and governments that receive this message are urged to quickly act to help create the Shalom — Salam WSPC, that will function as “Preventive Medicine,” before another September 11, and another Hizbollah war from Lebanon, with the openly declared unashamed goal “to destroy Israel.”

    Human jealousy, greed, injustice and folly have ruined many parts of our region and planet, and have endangered the future of humankind. The most powerful institutions — global corporations, rich governments, and mass media — have usually put financial profit first. They do not focus on preventing wars and terror and on what will do the most good for the people, but on what will make the most money. The resulting violence, terror, and environmental carnage have been disastrous.

    The human family has a long record of war and of using military power and violence to attempt to settle differences. Now new devilish nuclear weapons are becoming available worldwide and can be used by irresponsible governments, led by jealousy, greed and folly. The best way to prevent this is to eliminate the causes of violence, wars and terror, by exposing them in a serious manner, debating and researching them, and presenting constructive solutions to solve them.

    We must now all think and act as responsible caretakers and trustees of the global culture of peace, of democracy, and of our planet, and we should seek progress and fair benefits for all people. Killing will only trigger more acts of violence and terror by those who hate democracy and are in great fear of it.

    The WSPC will function towards democratic and humane goals, and will foster mutual understanding, harmony and respect between conflicting parties, and will eliminate the causes of violence, terror and war. The WSPC will function according to the highest professional, objective, and humane standards, it will take into consideration the various ethnic entities, and appeal to every culture and creed. It will provide a sure way for us to tap the best in our thinking, in our values, in our cultures and in our faiths.

    Television, Press, Radio and Internet play a vital role in our lives. Actions, good or bad, begin in the mind, in the stories we hear and tell. In addition to the foundation of the WSPC, those able to command media attention have a special obligation to speak out about the present tragic cultural crisis between radical Islam and the West, and its solution, based on the IFLAC vision and platform.

    All world leaders, media, and Non Governmental Organizations (NGO’s), should act now, urging that everyone oppose violence with nonviolence — Martin Luther King’s effective solution. When people think and act according to the WSPC and IFLAC, they show a reverence for life and for humanity. The WSPC and the IFLAC PAVE PEACE NGO agenda put “The Golden Rule” to work — Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you. The WSPC will provide a chance for people of all creeds to show their ethical values by practicing reverence for life in words, images and deed.

    The WSPC and mass media have a sacred obligation as the mouths, eyes and ears of the public to:

    • Feature not only problems, but also solutions to the problems.
    • Headline cases of peaceful development and harmonious progress in human endeavors that replace: hate, fear, jealousy and greed, with: honesty, love, and care.
    • Give recognition and attention to people, institutions and projects that eliminate violence, terror, poverty and foster peace culture and understanding.

    In addition to the WSPC Television, and Radio, every TV and radio station should program a daily “Hour for Peace Culture.” The presenter could state at the beginning of the program, “In this hour for peace let us join our hearts and minds, each in our own way, with commitment to peaceful actions today and every day.” This would be followed by the sound of a Peace Culture Bell and appropriate music.

    With the media’s cooperation, each 21 September — Global Peace Day, will provide a great global holiday with worldwide participation by people of every creed and culture. This will inspire actions for the WSPC development and progress with further peace culture riches, tolerance and prosperity for all. Thousands of group projects are already helping people and planet. Their impact can increase dramatically by uniting in a global Campaign for the creation of the WSPC and the foundation of a “Sustainable Future.”

    Please spread the word. We can change this present dangerous cultural crisis into a new beginning with the SHALOM — SALAM WSPC.

    Ada Aharoni

    One Comment on “IFLAC Vision: A Global Shalom-Salam TV and Internet Channel”

    1. Danni says:

      I believe it is very important to educate everyone, young and old, about peace and non-violence. Violence is not something that can be considered to be normal. I hope our work will help create a peace culture in the media.


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