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    War is not the answer


    Dear friends,

    I have been asked for my response to the trouble in the South of Israel and in Gaza, and here it is on IFLAC Radio:

    War is not the answer, in English and Hebrew

    I would be glad to hear your opinion and response. Let us hope that by then Hamas will stop bombing Israel and Israel would stop defending itself by retaliations, and we will have Peace Treaty between Israel and the Palestinians.

    Dr. Ada Aharoni
    IFLAC Founding President



    One Comment on “War is not the answer”

    1. Bombs are not the answer negotiation in good faith is the answer. Mothers from both sides want to have peace, they do not want to send their children to war or be killed as a result of war. A mother gives birth to a child to have a good future and she does not give birth to a soldier or militant. A father will groom his son to go to war, to defend his land these are honorable gestures defend if you are attacked, but prior to the attack the son should sit and negotiate with the other side regardless of his religion, ethnicity, origins. Mothers should unite to demand that their sons and daughters not join the military.

      A story from the Navajo inspired me there is a lake that is made out of crystals that are shaped as tear drops. I was privileged to see this lake in the Navajo desert in Arizona, and on the banks of the lake is a woman made out of crystal she is the keeper or overseer, the story of the woman is part of the story of war. I was told she was a daughter her father was a community leader, she married a young man whose heart was troubled he had joined the war mongers who wanted blood or were bloodthirsty. She begged her new husband DO NOT GO TO WAR you will be killed. He did not listen to her and went to war and as her prophetic words came to be truth. He died, she sat in the desert and started to cry, her tears turned into tear shaped crystals, and soon it became a river and then a lake of crystallized tears. The Creator seeing her pain had to do something for her pain. She was turned into crystal as a reminder for future generations that there are victims of war and the pain is excruciating and will turn your heart into crystals. Crystal lake is were all the tears from all of the women who have lost a loved one because of war intermix and crystallize, it is the scared place for women who have lost and know the pain of losing a child as a result of war. Men know of the place and are told repeatedly seek peace, negotiate, care for your children and the children of the other for both sides know the pain of death. Celine Leduc IFLAC Canada


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