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    IFLAC is a voluntary Association that strives for peace by building bridges of understanding and peace through culture, literature and communication. IFLAC is founded and directed by Egyptian-born Israeli writer Ada Aharoni (Ph.D), since 1999.

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    Poem of the Month, April 2012

    I Want to Kill You War was selected as one of the three winning Gift Poems for the World Poetry Canada & International Peace Festival, which will take place in Vancouver in May 2012.



    By Ada Aharoni

    I want to kill you war, forever,
    not like a phoenix
    that always comes back.
    I want to kill you war
    and I don’t know how
    and I don’t know why
    all the people of the world
    don’t join hands
    to kill you war –
    you the greatest murderer
    of them all.

    They just know how to kill
    the one or the two
    or the hundreds and the thousands,
    but not you,
    you the greatest killer
    of them all.

    So, we will kill you war,
    before you kill us.
    This is real deterrence strategy,
    not the useless liar one we’re so busy with.
    All the peace marchers of the world
    Will take the heavy metal cases
    full of nuclear wastes
    and dump them over War’s head,
    the cases will leak, as usual,

    and War will dissolve back into his archaic bottle
    where he belongs –

    We shut the cork.


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