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    The results of the IFLAC International Poetry Contest for Children

    The results of the 2011 IFLAC Poetry Contest for Children: Peace for All are in.

    IFLAC would like to thank the Judging Board of the Contest, all the children who took part in it, and the teachers who helped to organize the Contest and sent us the best poems.
    Special thanks are due to Poet Maria Cristina Azcona, Director of IFLAC in Argentina and South America, and President of the IFLAC Peace Contest for Children, for having organized this important project in such an efficient and professional manner.

    The seeds of peace planted in the minds and hearts of the children who wrote such beautiful peace poems, will guide them all their lives.

    We look forward to a new Poetry Contest in 2012.

    There were two language groups: English and Spanish. The winners are listed below. Congratulations!

    Read the winning poems 



    Winners age 9-10:

    1. Chloe Choi, Korea
    2. Joseph Shiraz, Israel
    3. Mercy Milliken, Korea


    First mention age 9-10:

    Christina Cho, Korea


    Second mention age 9-10:

    Grace Kwak, Korea


    Winners age 11-12:

    1. Gilad Shalit, Israel
    2. Zvi Ronen, Israel
    3. Rachel Lee, Korea



    Winners age 9-10:

    1. Oriana Lefirnil, Argentina
    2. Abigail Evelyn Alonso, Argentina
    3. Ignacio Nicolas Godino, Argentina


    First mention age 9-10:

    Cristian Alejandro Leria, Argentina


    Second mention age 9-10:

    Gonzalo Gabriel Olivera, Argentina


    Third mention age 9-10:

    Lucía Mantelli, Argentina


    Special mention age 9-10:

    Sofia Moreno Borbón, Argentina


    Winners age 11-12:

    1. Andrés Esteban Márquez, Argentina
    2. Luciano Antonio Almeyda, Argentina
    3. Elvio Barrios Ayala, Argentina


    First mention age 11-12:

    Valeria Escobar, Argentina


    Second mention age 11-12:

    Lupe Doménica Cabrera, Ecuador


    Third mention age 11-12:

    Mateo García Morales, Argentina


    Winners age 13-14:

    1. Pablo Leal, Spain
    2. Catalina Terranova, Argentina
    3. Melina Mohamed, Argentina


    First mention age 13-14:

    Raquel Kotyk, Argentina


    Winner of the Special Schools category:

    Autistic Children from Rosario City, Argentina


    Read the winning poems

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