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    Spiritual Harmony from Astana

    Text: Solveig Hansen

    In October, the World Forum of Spiritual Culture (WFSC) organized the conference “Spiritual Culture – the Key to the Transformation of the World” in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, bringing together religious scholars and scientists, politicians, and artists from several countries.

    2011 marks 19 years of independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Every October 18 since it became an independent state in 1991, Kazakhstan has celebrated Spiritual Harmony Day. The first World Forum of Spiritual Culture was held on the same exact day a year ago in Astana, and the second Forum will be held in 2013, also in Astana.

    In the Resolution of the conference, WFSC writes:

    “We must preserve human civilization with all richness and diversity of cultures and traditions it has, and pass it to our descendants. We must build bridges between the hearts of people, nations and countries; we must look for new ways to do this. Everyone needs to look into his or her soul and be honest to answer: Why do I live? What values do I promote? What mark do I want to leave on the Earth?”

    Among the participants and speakers were IFLAC International Vice Director Ernesto Kahan and IFLAC Argentina Vice Director Susana Roberts. They also presented Tolegen Mukhamedzhanov, Kazakh Senator, with the IFLAC Peace Poem Anthology Pensamientos Literarios para la Paz.

    Ernesto Kahan and Susana Roberts in Astana

    Ernesto Kahan and Susana Roberts presenting Kazakh Senator with the IFLAC Peace Poem Anthology


    One Comment on “Spiritual Harmony from Astana”

    1. Spiritual says:

      It seems like if conservative ideas were better, they would have won out and liberals would be complaining that colleges were too conservative.

      Why are conservatives always complaining about bias and getting bullied around? Why can’t they admit that they are continuously losing the culture war. Not because of bias but because their ideas are not supported by science and are not believable to people who do not share their faith based worldviews?


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