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    Sadat/Meir: A great promise

    Text: Solveig Hansen

    Meir and Sadat 1977Video flashback to 1977. Egyptian President Anwar Sadat made his historic trip to Israel. At Knesset, former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir congratulated Sadat for having won the privilege of being the first Arab leader to come to Israel for the sake of the next generations to avoid war.

    In her address, she said: “When asked, many years ago, when I thought that peace would come to this region to our country and to our neighbouring countries – I said: I do not know the date, but I do know under what conditions it will come – when there will be a leader, a great leader of an Arab country. He will wake up one morning and feel sorry for his own people, for his own sons who have fallen in battle, and that day will be the beginning of peace between us.”

    See the archive video from the event.

    Read the transcript from the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    Read Ada Aharoni’s poems This Cursed War and Remember Me Every Time the Moon Rises Over the Sphinx, inspired by diaries found on fallen Israeli and Egyptian soldiers during the Yom Kippur War in 1973.

    One Comment on “Sadat/Meir: A great promise”

    1. Celine says:

      I remember that famous day when Sadat met Golda Meir, i was with Jewish friends from Egypt and the reaction was tears of joy. A few years later sitting in the same living room, with the same friends we watched in horror when Sadat was killed. Sadat was a great man and he had strength and his wife Jehan is also extraordinary, she describes in her book A woman of Egypt how she was surprised to find out that an Israeli was a person who could suffer as much and an Egyptian. She said that she had been told Israelis had no feelings and the opposite is true in time of war. The other always views the other as being less or not human a person without feelings. She went side by side with Leah Rabin to promote peace and the rights of Palestinians. Both women who lost their husband under tragic circumstances as both men were killed they traveled together and spoke of PEACE.

      Meir and Sadat died yet their dream still lives on, and the peace treaty still stands. Today there is a new challenge Egyptians are finally becoming free shedding the cloak of colonialism and now they are still choosing peace with Israel. Honoring those who fell and those who died respecting the treaty that was signed so long ago, for they chose life and not
      death. Celine


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