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    IFLAC is a voluntary Association that strives for peace by building bridges of understanding and peace through culture, literature and communication. IFLAC is founded and directed by Egyptian-born Israeli writer Ada Aharoni (Ph.D), since 1999.

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    Hukushima raised to alert level 7

    By Taki Yuriko, IFLAC Delegate in Japan

    Right now the level accident of nuclear powers in Hukushima has risen up from level 5 to level 7 as same as the accident of Chernobyl. To make matters worse the accident is continuing.

    I hope new mayor from Hiroshima will change his opinion which is promoting of nuclear power more and more.

    I hope Government of Japan will change their policy to stop nuclear power.

    I hope IAEA will change their work to stop nuclear power.

    Nuclear power is neither cheap nor clean. The honest researcher said nuclear power need much bigger cost to make electric than water power, too.

    Our movement, Nihon Hidankyo, will include no nuclear power on the earth.

    Read also: Nihon Hidankyo and Mayors of Peace nominated for the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize 


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