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    Update from Japan

    From Katsuko Kataoka, Secretary General of the Japanese Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War:

    Professor Ernesto Kahan and IPPNW friends,

    Thank you Prof. Kahan and friends for your warm concern for the tragedy of the recent earthquake followed tsunami in Tohoku and Kanto Regions of Japan.

    The number of victims (about 13,000) has been increasing day by day, so as the missing people (about 17,000). I am afraid total number of the victims would be increase as the rescue-operation proceeds. In addition, the number of death is increasing among the rescued persons with chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, renal diseases as well as the aged.

    We are very grateful for persons coming and sending serious aids from many countries. Medical professionals with instruments and medical supplies are also coming domestically as well as from abroad. (Israel doctors arrived yesterday.)

    Our other concern is The Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant. The situation is improving on some aspects but becoming worse on other aspects. Actually, the situation changes so rapidly, and the media cannot follow it completely. Moreover the media tend to report people’s feeling etc. than actual data on the condition. The reliable English report is from IAEA. They are reporting the situation almost daily on the top page of their website.

    My understanding, so far, is that the radiation would not effect significantly on the general public including the rescued local peoples, although some acute effects such as decreasing in WBC count would be seen among the power plant workers. Medical doctors and other experts in the field of nuclear medicine have been dispatched from Hiroshima.

    Thank you again for your all kindness for the people in the disaster area.

    Best regards,
    Katsuko Kataoka
    Secretary General, JPPNW

    One Comment on “Update from Japan”

    1. Mikkai says:

      This goes directly to you, Katsuko Kataoka, and the webmaster of this blog.

      In the name of all physicians and radiation victims on the planet.

      As a member of the JPPNW you should know better.

      The IAEA has no mandate to protect atomic reactors or people’s health.

      People’e health is subject of the WHO. But the WHO is gagged since 1959 by the contract WHA 12-40 between IAEA and WHO.

      The WHO has NOTHING to say about Chernobyl, Fukushima, or any other radiation related desease, illness, death, mutation, unless the IAEA gives it’s O.K.

      The IAEA is the profiteer of the atomic energy and it’s only mandate is to serve the atomic industry and sell it’s “peaceful” use around the globe – by the U.N.

      Scientists of the New York Academy of Science and the Russian Academy of Science (Alexej Jablokov) published a study on Apr 26th 2010, which clearly shows, that up to 1 Mio. 200,000 people died of Chernobyl.

      The IAEA says: 32 (!) people died of Chernobyl.

      CESIUM and STRONTIUM (HalfLife: 400 years) – released into the environment by TEPCO / FUKUSHIMA

      Latency: 20 – 25 years mature people / 4 years children (Chernobyl happens grows today, illness, death, cancer increase and not decrease, as WHO and IAEA say)

      This is the upturned pyramid.

      by Dr Dörte Siedentopf (IPPNW), Germany – i know her. This is an excerpt (SOURCE / IPPNW / PSR):

      Effect: The cesium is biological similar to the potassium and the human body can not distinguish between the good potassium and cesium.

      The body takes it on the breath and the food. You can not protect yourself.

      After intake, the cesium builds self into the body cells and destroys the energy balance of cells. It does not matter whether it consists of the liver, kidney or brain cells involved.

      These infected cell dies, after she pulls even before their neighbors suffer.

      Thus begins a weird cycle:

      How life begins with a cell starts in this case the death. Children are more vulnerable because their cells divide constantly.

      As they grow, they need constant energy and constant need to cope with the damage to their cells.

      The adults at that time have survived 25 years and are now ill. In about 4 years we’re going to see the same with japanese children.

      Quiet Death.

      The then children are already suffering much earlier – often with fatal consequences.

      The cesium is present in the inheritance cells.

      Precarious, is that the cesium implants in the ovaries and the eggs of women. Because renew their loans, they are damaged for life.

      Although renewed in sperm, they also give more information to the injury during fertilization. Either, it can no longer be fathered children, or they get through father and mother misinformation in the future. The result you can not even imagine.

      The authorities in Japan had long ago have put women and children in the south of the country. Why they did not is, in my view, totally incomprehensible. There will be massive leukemia. This cesium cloud is a disaster for the Japanese, and from all other radionuclides, we know nothing.

      The body can not distinguish between Calcium and Strontium. If it is taken in through the food chain. It is built into the bones and teeth, shines there and hits the bone marrow, where sit the blood-forming organs: The stem cells that give rise to the red and white blood cells and platelets.

      These cells are damaged by Strontium, and indeed a lifetime, because the strontium remains where it is: irradiating with short and beta radiation.


      I informed the IPPNW / PSR about this article and the URL.

      with kind regards,


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