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    4 accidents of nuclear powers in Japan

    Reported by Taki Yuriko

    Medical doctor HIDA Shuntaro who is a hibakusha (atomic bombed victim at Hiroshima) and a board member of NIHON HIDANKYO issued a stern warning to everyone after 11 March 4 accidents of nuclear powers in JAPAN.

    Abram Petkau in CANADA who is very famous scholar said:

    “Once we take in the radioactive fallout by breathing or some other ways emitting radiation, it will continue to act on your genetic information even if you have no external injury. This is the fact known widely. We call it ‘internal A-bombed’ distinguishing from ‘external A-bombed’. But Government of Japan announces everyday: no problem for health.”

    In Hiroshima or Nagasaki it happens that many people newly become ill even today 65 years have passed since they were A-bombed. There happen to be many cases that cancer, leukemia, thyroid disorder or some other diseases are caused because DNA in the genetic cells are injured owing to “internal A-bombed”.

    Many and many an inhabitant there who had not been exposed to the flash or blast of the nuclear explosions but only breathed in the fallout has been attacked by the above-mentioned diseases for these several years.

    The scientific ground has become reliable.

    In 2009 Dr. SHICHIJO Kazuko at the medical department of Nagasaki University they succeeded in taking photos of radiation continuing emitting without any decreasing from the internal organs and bones of the A-bombed dead bodies preserved for 64 years. It has become clear how the radioactive ray continues day and night to injure DNA and how they turn to cancer cells in many years.

    The scientific data that will support this fact has already been announced.

    At Semipalatinsk, which was a well-known site of nuclear tests from 1958 to 1991 like Nevada in USA, and which is in the east of Kazakhstan now and once was a territory of the former Soviet Union, the experiments on a human body were done as many as 5 times without knowing to the inhabitants there to survey the internal A-bombed conditions. That was the same level as that of Nagasaki type.

    The result shows that in the leeward area as far as 100 kilometers from the center of the explosion one third of the women had chromosomal abnormality and there were many cases of stillbirths and miscarriages. Many children of congenital abnormality were born and it is certain that there will be a serious influence on the next generation. The follow-up survey of the 40,333 persons who were not directly exposed to the flash or blast of the nuclear explosion but breathed in the fallout shows through the 5 experiments on the human body that cancer’s outbreak rate is 3 or 4 times as high as that of other places and as for the cancer of esophagus it reaches 18 times more than that of others.

    Even though we happen to survive, once we breathe in radioactive dust, we cannot be free from the fear of cancer, leukemia, thyroid disorder or of childbirth under the serious influence on our baby all through our life.


    Dear Taki,

    Thank you very much for sending us this report on nuclear incidents. It is very scary, and we hope it is making world leaders re-think their policy on nuclear energy. IFLAC is for hastening research on solar energy, which may one day replace nuclear energy. It is becoming clear that old nuclear powers around the world, and not only in Japan, are a source of tragic danger to humanity.

    Please take very good care of your health dear Taki.

    Ada Aharoni

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